Support vulnerable artists and provide hope to young dancers

Support vulnerable artists and provide hope to young dancers image


raised towards $5,000 goal




Thanks to our initial supporters, including the anonymous donor who matched our first $1,500, we’re over halfway to meeting our goal! So far we’ve been able to provide over $2,000 to artists who create our free online events and teaching artists whose classes were cancelled.

But we can do more: with your help we can reach $5,000 and pay all of our artists for every single one of our spring events - even those that were cancelled due to COVID-19. Here at Synapse we believe that dance is for everyone, and the pandemic hasn’t changed our dedication to that goal. 70% of the funds that we raise from this campaign will go directly towards paying artists and teachers for cancelled classes and performances, and the other 30% will cover the organization's lost income from our spring fundraiser. And thanks to the recent stimulus package, you can deduct up to $300 of charitable donations for 2020 even if you don’t itemize your taxes!

Despite the loss of income due to pandemic cancellations, we are continuing to provide online dance resources to students, pay our teaching artists and staff, and pay artists an equitable wage for their work. Here’s how we’re supporting our artists, teaching artists, and students right now:

  • Paying performing artists and teaching artists full rates for all cancelled classes and events
  • Creating resources for students including video classes and printed flyers for students without internet access
  • Developing virtual content for our community, and paying the artists who create that content

In this time of uncertainty, we are all looking to the arts to provide hope. Dance will keep us together because it will give us the hope and joy we need to weather the COVID-19 pandemic. Your gift turns minor relief into sustained support that will carry our community through this crisis. Donate today! Thank you for supporting vulnerable artists and young dancers.

P.S. You can see our work in action with the videos from our online Dance Break event! You can see recordings of classes and performances from the event here, or visit for more information on our upcoming events.